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Tech and Technophobes

One of the most annoying trends that I tend to see in the Traditionalist and Alt-Right Community is the rejection of Technology.

I don’t seek to defend current forms of entertainment or the current pop culture from their attacks but to explain why technology is so stupefying in modernity.

Modernity is at its core secular. This is self evident; from the rejection of any metaphysical and super-human reality to the wallowing in shallow and vapid popular culture that we find ourselves mired in. Thus it naturally follows that a materialistic object becomes that “highest” form for the modern, egalitarian, society. Technology has the most potential to create an egalitarian space, and in some ways through the inter-connectivity of the internet it does. Yet the more that people are able to access information and be able to use that information the more the inherent inequalities of humanity will become apparent.

Yet their remains and inherent suspection about technologly within the Alt-Right circles. Take this article from Matt Parrott for example,

Pornography, televised sports, narrowly framed political contests between utterly indistinguishable teams, and Internet blogs, forums, and chatrooms already empower White males to satisfy their innate will to power in an array of virtual realities.”

Seemingly without any irony that he himself is using the very technology that he is rallying against to further his cause.

Apparently this idea needs to be beaten into the brains of some.

Technology will never go away unless the whole of the west descends into a third world cesspit.

Electronic forms of entertainment will never leave us unless western civilization does too. That means that Video Games are here to stay. However Parrott does make a good point later in the article,

“Until then, what we definitely can do — and what we definitely have not been doing to any meaningful extent — is cultivate parallel education and entertainment options for the children of White Advocates. We have a rich inheritance from traditional European folk tales to adapt and exploit. We can even rely to some extent on non-White productions from genres in countries like Japan which emphasize martial values and refrain from the pervasively decadent and anti-White indoctrination of our own culture’s creative works. Advances in technology have made producing creative works more accessible and affordable than ever.”

So we need to create alternative forms of entertainment. That means Video Games.

Here is an example from a recent popular game, Mass Effect.

Without rehashing the whole story, Humanity finds advanced technology that allows it to expand its territory and thus it encounters other Species. There is a side plot that is hashed out in a short conversation with a random character and a member of your squad.

Talking with the NPC

Talking with your squad mate

The point here is that siding with the “Terra Firma” party is the “Bad” choice, while arguing against it’s platform is the “Good” one.

If as Traditionalist we want to combat these stances then we need to come up with our own answers. Small, talented, and passionate, developers can create beautiful work, take for instance the small team behind Hawken or DayZThese small groups could utilize crowd source funding from sites like Kick Starter or Indie-Go-Go. The project would not have to broadcast it’s Alt-Right or Traditionalist tones. Instead a clever pitch from a clever writer would be all that would be needed to create a Game that focuses on our values while avoiding the typical stereotypes that are so frequently hurled at us to defame our positions.

Going beyond the idea of using technology to further our goals we must understand that the current position that technology holds in our society is a materialistic corruption. If we had a return to the Transcendent Ideals, the Transcendental Reference Points that writers like Evola talk about then technology would move into its rightful place in society, the tool that we use to exert our will over the universe as the physical incarnations of the God Head on the Earth.

What we should make is a distinction between Technology as we now see it and “Hyperborean” Technology, Technology that serves us in our goals and is a means to an end, not an end in of itself.

Only when such a distinction is made, and this becomes reality will we see an end to this Ragnarok, this Dark Age.




Dumb, Fat, and Ugly

This might be a little ADD of me but this is just the way my mind works.

I was watching a review of the movie Branded and while “Movie Bob” most likely did an excellent job reviewing the movie, there was just one thing that he said that stuck in my craw. Fat chicks. That one of Branded’s flaws was that it critiqued the growing obesity of the European female population.

This annoyed me.

Why are we idealizing or even remotely condoning the fat and quite frankly ugly women in the world. Let’s be an equal opportunity offender and expand this to men too. I’ll focus on women here but that does not mean that I have any more sympathy for men who haven’t seen their dicks since high school.

Quite frankly I’m sick of seeing excess belly fat, lard balls that can barely move their own enormous girth.

While in the past I have rallied against the de-humanizing nature of PUA’s  they do make some good points.

Like this article on the Dove, Real beauty campaign. 

Oh I almost forgot the dumb part.

Why is it that the majority of the fat women are Feminist? Why do these “people” insist on clinging to some form of female empowerment? Perhaps it is because they have no other self motivation, and of course, Feminism tells them that they don’t need “male approval” and that they “are fine the way they are”.


200 plus has no place anywhere near my gaze. Yes maybe this makes me an ass, but I really don’t care. I’m sick of dealing with dull boring people, especially women, who don’t have two brain cells to rub together.

Maybe I’m just in a bad mood, but I’m particularly tired of the decadence of the modern world today.















 Above not below

Learning From the Other Side

Egalitarians were smart, they took their time and they devised a plan to take over the discourse. We all know what tools they have been using, “Racism”, “Democracy”, “Human Rights”, et. al. However one of their best strategies was to take over Hollywood. By taking over the arts and the cultural creation centers they could sway the masses to their side, after that it was game over for us.

So what should our response be? Well we need to create a place, a website ideally, where artists and musicians can come together to showcase art, music, and film that is inspired by the ideas of the writers of AltRigt and other anti-egalitarian thinkers.

We have a brilliant cadre of philosophers, but our ability to create culture, art, music, film, seems to be some what stagnant. If we are too win we need to get our ideas in vogue and there is no better way to do that than the arts.

So I want to see a group like NPI or some one like Craig Bodeker to spear head such an idea.

What Modernity Has Done For Us

Most in the Paleoconservative/AltRight movement see Modernity as the enemy, as an out of control cancer that is eating away at the West and setting its eyes on other places around the world though the dogma of spreading “Human Rights’ and “Democracy”. Obviously there is much we can critique the Modern world for, and the view I describe above is correct, but let us take a moment to pause and realize something. We, as Traditionalists have a chance here to take hold of the reigns once more. When the experiment of modernity has passed on as something that even the masses can finally agree is a wasted effort then we will have the chance to step forward to the masses and reform them again. Modernity has attempted to wash away all distinctions between the Races, the Cultures, the Sexes, and the Classes. We know that this breakdown of distinctions can not last forever. So we must bide our time, gather strength, and go forward, assuaged by the litany of blows against us. For once these dark ages pass us, once the Kali Yuga ends we, or our posterity, shall be there, ready to give back to the world the knowledge of Tradition that it lost so long ago.

In short we must survive as we always have.

The Firkin 4/8/12

Well it’s Sunday, not Saturday but never fear the bar is open and once again there is a tasty selection of brand new items.

 Item! Without giving the defense the evidence that it is requesting the government is violating the rights of Kim Dotcom. It appears that the cops might have destroyed evidence, and they are making it even more difficult for Megaupload to defend its self by stalling in preventing the data on servers that it had rented from being deleted.

 Item! Some thoughts on the next generation of consoles. 

Item! XKCD gets kinky,

Item! Hey mac users, patch your sh!t

Item! Question, why should I feel sorry for criminals who have broken our most basic laws and are ignoring our sovereignty?

Item! More messing up on this Zimmerman stuff, this time from an NBC “editor”.

Item! Why hunting reserves are better for the enviroment and the economy. 

Item! Support for what I have believed all along, that we need to put more focus on the technical schools.

Item! This got Derbyshire fired, and why he had to go.

Item! Now what if we put this into our government?  

Item! Why are protest “fizzling out” 

Item! Hatefacts? 

Item! And only whites are “racist”.

Item! You know that out of control debt? Well we owe a lot of it to ourselves. 

Item! The Mantra

Item! As much as people want to make SOPA about anti-piracy it is in reality about freedom of speech.

Item! More against SOPA.

.Item! But one day….

The Firkin 3/6/12

So I’ve reformatted the name of my almost weekly list of random stuff from the net. It will now be called the “Firkin” and my “Grill” is now the “Bar & Grill”

Perhaps I’m just feeling a bit “Ole English” but I wanted to make this a bit more “sophisticated” sounding.

When I heard about this new place town called the “Firkin and Wolf” I thought “What the heck is a Firkin?” so I looked it up and well a “Firkin” is an old unit of measurement for Beers and Wines. Since I wanted to change the name of my “Grill” Section to “The Bar & Grill” the name seemed perfect, I want  this to be a section for humor, random fun stuff, and the opinions about news items that you only share with your good friends, so raise your glass for a toast to my new site and have a pint with me.

Item! Maybe gay’s really are born that way. Some interesting and little know studies on that here

Item! It is interesting to see an ant-Islam push in Europe like this one, however, while I applaud the idea, do we want the post-modern world that they are attacking Islam for being against?

Item! Didn’t Crowley more or less tell us that Democracy is unsustainable because people are dumb a long time ago?

Item! More on why Democracy has failed from Andrew Napolitano

Item! This bill is the boiling water and far too many people are just frogs.

Item! A Conversation About Race can now be seen free, here is is for you now. Please take the time to watch.

(Direct Link)

Item! VG cats has a new post up.

Item! XKCD


In ‘n Out Burger 12/5/11

Ok so I’ve been gone for a while but now I’m back and kicking. I’ve got a new series to show you, I’ll be working on getting the pictures formatted for the “interwebz” tonight along with my artist’s statement to be posted here under the Art Page.

Pictures will be up on Deviant Art and My Facebook Page

But for now you will have to be satisfied with a great big cheese burger.

Item! Keith418 has some new interviews here.

Item! XKCD gives us nerd porn (yes this link is safe for work), Occultism, and The Wisdom of the Ancients I could have use the help with this issue.

Item! On the one hand she is vulgar in her speech and not someone the alt-right movement should hail as some kind of intellectual champion, but in her own way, the “Epic” Tram Lady is, hopefully, showing that there are a growing number of people who are waking up to the “rich tapestry” of modern London

Item! “I find it ironical that so much research is devoted to disorders like autism that only affect less than 1 percent of the population, but little research is devoted to understanding differences in IQ. … If the deficits of autism can be improved through research, why not IQ?”

Item! Brenton Sanderson has been working on a very interesting look at the Dada movement. Here are parts One, Two, Three, and Four.

Item! Things are getting worse. Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here.

Item! Wonder what Freud would think of this study.

Item! I have less and less hope of ever getting into a steady relationship with each passing day. And Spearhead posts like this don’t help.

Item! Here is something that I think needs to be pointed out more about Gabby Giffords.

Item! A study points out an obvious economic fact. The government does not help when it spends money.

Item! When computers crash, bad things happen.

Item! “What Gives Rise to Society?” article here on the basics of the division of labour.

Item! So foreign countries can oppose our laws?… wait, “Fox news Latino”….. what the F—!

Item! I’m getting tired of this one local news caster and her whole anti-bullying BS. Yes kids should not pick on each other, but if kids are unable to either stand up for them selves, turn to their parents for help, or figure out how to use the “BLOCK” button. Then its really not my problem to pay for parents who can’t parent and expect the schools to do it for them. (sorry; rant)

Item! Dilbert on credit card fraud, with cometary.

Item! Cool new info on Alan Wake DLC. It’s a great game with a great Stephen King novel like story.


In ‘n Out Burger 9/19/11

Lots of new work coming up soon, I’ve got sketches to show you as well as some progress pics, beyond the usual ranting, but for now its burger night! Dig in!

Item! Ixnay on the In Jokeay before you publish the codeay

Item! Self tying shoes are cool but I guess I’m a little young to get the same kind of nostalgia that other people might get from these

Item! Thelemic Ichthys here

Item! “The issue of debate is as follows: Is the Korean model that converts players into champions something that can be replicated, and will Western players be able to achieve the same level of success that Korean players can?”

Item! Dance Bat-Man Dance!

Item! More against modern art here

Item! Guess Stephen King is no longer in the Ad biz.

Item! You know we men are missing a bone. (Thanks to Fr. “O” for this one)

Item! I found this guy trolling around the net. “[A]s soon as one backs a given movement, one has already pigeoned-holed his or herself or this group of people as a object at the most basic linguistic linguistic level.”

Item! Jackie Kennedy on MLK

Ryan Pierce and Why Borders in a Post Apocalyptic World Are Necessary

I’ve had this idea on the shelf for a while now but I thought I’d bring it out to see the light of day. I wrote most of this back in 2010.  Specifically note the “Green” ideal of bioregionalism and how it contradicts the liberal desire to bridge the gaps between cultures and people. So now with some edits -


It has been a long standing requirement in one of my teacher’s art classes that you must attend and write up a short one page essay on two art exhibitions. I’ve both loved and hated this requirement, I love it because I get my butt kicked out the door and to some cool shows in unique venues.

the part I hate about this requirement is trying to find parking downtown…..

Anyway, for my requirement the other semester I went to the opening of a show by Ryan Pierce called “Fear of Dogs and Water”

From a technical stand point he is very good; the images he creates of a post oil-apocalypse world are very intriguing. the world that he creates brings my imagination to life: struggles for life, the commentary on human greed and materialism are enough to make me very excited for his work, however he had to go and ruin my fun with the rest of his world view.

With the show there was a pamphlet detailing his commentary behind the show, in it he paints ideas that do more to make my mind run wild and make me want to create than his art. However I find certain elements about his philosophy to be wrong.

Pierce starts out by forming “an equilateral triangle” of thought.

At one point of this triangle is the body of Jerzy Kosinski with his suicide note and his book the Painted Bird.

One line is the souther border of the United States, one that he paints as a kind of Cerberus, the eyes of the electronic surveillance ever watching with one head, the teeth of the border patrol ever seizing upon those who wander into their range finders, the claws of the groups like the Minutemen constantly reaching for more and more illegals.

The next point in this triangle is the future that Pierce imagines without oil. the grid has shut down, most modern technology is useless, and the suburbanites are having to tear up the pavement to make way for farms. Religion is more intense and the weather more unforgiving.

It is in this uncertain world where the bright and shining future that has been promised to us since the 1950′s is gone where Pierce makes his artistic home and my mind runs wild with stories and ideas in this place and the creeping fear that he might be right.

Pierce connects the horrors experienced by the main character in the Painted Bird to those that are experienced by illegals crossing over into Mexico.

To Pierce those enforcing the border are similar to Nazis citing a story of a sheriff deputy that strapped the body of a dead illegal immigrant to the hood of his car, “like a deer.”

Despite this he contradicts himself some what, he is very sympathetic to the plight of the Mexicans crossing the border, championing their cause, yet at the same time he says that health care is cheaper and better south of the border. Really? Then why come here?

Like far too many Liberals he needs the next great humanitarian crisis to subsist upon, otherwise he lacks purpose. the immigrants need protection from the harsh laws of the mean old US need saving from cruel people who only want to do what comes naturally to your normal human being, remove trespassers. Never mind that there are other reasons why these people are coming here like their countries’ economy is being ripped apart by a government in bed with massive business interests, never mind that they are breaking the law here in the US, they are just poor help less people.

Then he announces that he feels that our border with Mexico is arbitrary and that he feels that borders scar the land and damage ecosystems, especially when they are closed.

I’d argue that there have always been arbitrary borders, and they have often been closed, just not so well enforced because they did not need to be. I feel that the time he is harkening back to was when traders were the only ones who traveled. If the common man traveled then the whole village or tribe moved. Pierce is caught in a quagmire of wishing for a time where there was no firm government beyond the tribal leader and seeking to establish borders with defined, set States. Furthermore I would also argue that more closed borders are a response to the new found mobility of the general populace. When borders were more “open” there was not the possibility of having entire cities just up and leave. At any other time in history such a thing would have been very difficult. But what about those displace by violence? Well the numbers that have been moving between countries is unprecedented, when borders were more “porous” it was just a few hundred that might move from a nearby valley because of an attack, the scale of possible immigration and emigration has changed. Furthermore the economic and cultural differences were not so vast, you have to move a valley or two over? Well you probably know the people in it and have traded with them. Not the big changes from moving between modern Mexico to the US.

Pierce then says that he would have no problem with borders if they were more “permeable”, citing Jonathan W. Moses’ book International Migration: Globalizations’s Last Frontier (the name alone is enough to make my blood boil, globalization a good thing? No.)

In it Moses favors unrestricted immigration and emigration, saying that it would be cheaper not to militarize our borders and that illegal immigrants do not drain the welfare system.

Moses continues to hypothesize that a “border-less” world would make politicians more responsive to their people.

First of all if we did not militarize our borders we would be assuming that everyone in the world likes us and that we would never go to war with another State. I think we all know that is a bad idea and would only happen in that far off and unobtainable liberal paradise. I’m not for attacking other countries for no reason but that does not mean we should let our borders remain unchecked.

Second, illegals do drain the welfare system that dose a piss poor job of screening out those who are not citizens. If we can’t keep $251 million in fraudulent Medicare claims from being paid to people milking the system how are we to stop the Liberals’ new “pet people” from getting money out of the welfare system? I could go off on why the welfare state should not exist, but another time.

Third, favoring illegals like Moses suggest is against all human nature, thus his entire argument stands against all concepts of protecting friends and family first, we are tribal animals and that will never change, no matter how “moral” it may be.

Forth, I would argue the opposite, politicians would just horde up all of what resources they can grab and hold them from those that don’t agree with them. Causing the reverse of what Moses would argue.

Pierce does have one redeeming philosophical point, he is a proponent of bioregionalism (in his own special way), a concept that fits well with my desire for a very culturally homogeneous State that is as small and self sufficient as possible. the more you don’t have to rely on others for your goods the better off you will be if some thing bad happens, oh like when the US economy starts going down hill fast.

However he admits that this idea could “possibly” foster regionalism, again contradicting himself. Of course it will foster regionalism, people don’t like to mix. the evidence is there, census data from 00′ shows that the large metropolitan cities like New York are HEAVILY segregated, and voluntarily at that.

Pierce wants to carve up the world and keep it one big happy family.

Sorry Pierce you can’t have you cake and eat it too.


Today is, on one level, a superficial day, or “Holiday”, vested not in Fathers as the name would imply but in the materialistic consumer culture that we live with in our day to day lives. For most, Father’s Day might as well be like any other day.

Yet maybe we can reclaim some meaning from the retail hucksters and make it about the people that it is supposed to be about, our Fathers.

In the modern era it has been Men and the concept of Manhood that has suffered the most. From the feminist movement that seeks to make Men repent for being Men, to the homosexual movement that seeks to feminize the behavior of men by preaching acceptance and nonviolence, to the concept that gender is a social construct. Today’s culture is at war with the concept of Man.

But what is “A Man”? how do we know when we see a Man. Many phrases can apply; he has honor, he has courage, he is chivalrous, he stands tall, he stand by his morals. Yet in the end no man can live up to all of these, and the untold number of other ideals about Manhood. That is why we have heroes, to encompass all of these ideals. They are men who never could exist but must exist in our stories and legends because we need these ideals to show us what Men are supposed to be.

Today we know such people as Super Heroes. In some ways perhaps they are poor imitations of the old Heroes, but none the less they serve the purpose. They are the unobtainable ideal, the transcendental reference point, the Übermench that Nietzsche speaks of.

So what of winning back this holiday? We should look at our Forefathers, both living and no longer so, and look for things to idealize, lessons that we can pass on to the next generation. Courage, honor, strength, you have at least one ancestor that held some of these qualities, and it is our job as the next generation to pass on these values. Don’t just give your father a gift, honor him, look for his best qualities that you can carry on in you and then pass on. It is only by refusing to take part in the consumerist affair and reach for something nobler that just getting dad a new BBQ, go out and make your Fathers proud, and not just today, but every day.

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