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The Immigrant Decision

In previous decades and centuries the immigrant populations have done the following; either stuck out the understandable and predictable prejudice and discrimination that comes with any sizable influx of immigration, or they have returned to their countries of origin.

However the current wave of immigration distinguishes its self in two major ways. First those who are coming here are first and foremost the most the most class less of the countries that produced them. We are becoming a dumping ground for the worse that the world has to offer and our closest neighbors to the south are using our all too open border to relieve themselves of their most useless population. America once had standards of who came over, now those standards like everything else that is anti-egalitarian are attacked and vilified. Heaven forbid that we determine who may and may not come over our borders based on some standards beyond one’s ability to swim at night.

The other and more pressing issue is the sentiments of those that are coming here. To them we are a cow to be suckled from, we are to be used and abused. It is the stated sentiment of many pro-immigration groups that come here that we, the White European Population, need to leave the land that we have fought and died for all because some class less thugs demand it. [cite groups] Before those that came here wanted to say, they loved what America promised to them and they were loyal to that ideal and the country that proposed it. Even in the Japanese concentration camps pro-American sentiment could be found. Ted Nakashima write in his book “Concentration Camp, U.S. Style”

What really hurts most is the constant reference to us evacuees as “Japs.” “Japs” are the guys we are fighting. We’re on this side and we want to help. Why won’t America let us?” –
 [research him]

Compare that to the current sentiments of groups that have not been rounded up en mass, have not been persecuted to the same extent as the Japanese were at that time.

You don’t see groups like La Raza or the Brown Barrett’s asking, “why wont you let us help?” no it is more like, “why won’t you give us free everything?”

Nakashima also displays the class dichotomy between immigrants now and then.

Our family is almost typical of the other[s] … here at the camp. The oldest son … was educated at the Uneversity of Washington, has a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a scholarship graduate of the American School of Fine Arts inf Fountainebleau, France. The second son is an M.D. … I am the third son … an architectural draftsman.” – Nakashima

Do you see the current wave of immigrants having or being able to obtain that level of education. These people end up as janitors and construction workers for a reason. They can’t do any better.

However there is another issue that I want to tackle with this article, the “anchor babies”.

One of the worst things that a parent can do to a child is make them an anchor baby for them. First and foremost they are using the child as a tool, they do not respect the humanity of their children merely what their birth in a specific spot can get them in terms of special treatment from the US government.

For the children as they develop they must make a choice, either treat the country that has given them citizenship like their parents did, as something to leech off of, or they must attempt to brave the ever increasing amount of anti-immigrant sentiment. Neither is a good or easy path, and ultimately it falls to those who not only broke the Laws of the US but used their children as mere tools to help them do so to bear the responsibility of these actions and the moral blame.

The citizens of the US are not to blame for rejecting the masses that have immigrated here. We want to preserve our culture and our traditions, and it becomes ever harder to do that when an unruly mass of low class proles come here and demand that we accommodate them.

If the economy was not a train wreck, if these people wanted to assimilate, and if they were not merely a classless mass seeking to leech off of us. Then integration might be possible, however we share nothing with these people and they prove their callousness by using their children as tools. Many want to compare this wave of immigration to what we have experienced in the past. They are wrong in so many ways. Are there more factors, like globalism, corrupt governments, and other issues? Yes, the reasons for immigration are complex, but throwing our gates open to the masses is not and has never been a good idea, and it is only recently that anyone has considered doing so.

In the end any illegal immigrant is just that, illegal.

The Firkin 4/8/12

Well it’s Sunday, not Saturday but never fear the bar is open and once again there is a tasty selection of brand new items.

 Item! Without giving the defense the evidence that it is requesting the government is violating the rights of Kim Dotcom. It appears that the cops might have destroyed evidence, and they are making it even more difficult for Megaupload to defend its self by stalling in preventing the data on servers that it had rented from being deleted.

 Item! Some thoughts on the next generation of consoles. 

Item! XKCD gets kinky,

Item! Hey mac users, patch your sh!t

Item! Question, why should I feel sorry for criminals who have broken our most basic laws and are ignoring our sovereignty?

Item! More messing up on this Zimmerman stuff, this time from an NBC “editor”.

Item! Why hunting reserves are better for the enviroment and the economy. 

Item! Support for what I have believed all along, that we need to put more focus on the technical schools.

Item! This got Derbyshire fired, and why he had to go.

Item! Now what if we put this into our government?  

Item! Why are protest “fizzling out” 

Item! Hatefacts? 

Item! And only whites are “racist”.

Item! You know that out of control debt? Well we owe a lot of it to ourselves. 

Item! The Mantra

Item! As much as people want to make SOPA about anti-piracy it is in reality about freedom of speech.

Item! More against SOPA.

.Item! But one day….

In ‘n Out Burger 2/29/12

Ok, Ok, It’s late I know, however I do have some juicy new items for you, so come one come all, it’s burger night.


Neither party seems very right here…. 


Does this mean that women are admitting that they are different? 


“In doing so we must be alert to the trap of reaction. Reactionaries are defined by their enemies, and thus become trapped in their enemies’ constructions, false dichotomies, and unspoken assumptions. Rather than rejection, the key word is transcendence. The end of liberalism is achieved through its transcendence, its relegation into irrelevance.

Given the confusion of our times, it must be stressed that tradition is not about returning to an imagined past, or about reviving a practice that was forgotten so that it may be continued exactly as it was when it was abandoned. There may have been a valid reason for abandoning a particular practice, and the institution of a new practice may have been required in order for the tradition successfully to continue. A tradition, once rediscovered, must be carried forward. Continuation is not endless replication.” – Alex Kurtagic 


Nice article here about military “shooters” 


Do you know how many times a day I want to say this? 

(The original article has been removed)


Free Games


No we did get here first -

“[C]hemical analysis carried out last year on a European-style stone knife found in Virginia back in 1971 revealed that it was made of French-originating flint.

Professor Dennis Stanford, of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, and Professor Bruce Bradley of the University of Exeter, the two leading archaeologists who have analysed all the evidence, are proposing that Stone Age people from Western Europe migrated to North America at the height of the Ice Age by travelling (over the ice surface and/or by boat) along the edge of the frozen northern part of the Atlantic. They are presenting their detailed evidence in a new book – Across Atlantic Ice – published this month.”


Whites seeking asylum from South Africa? 


Yep they still use witchcraft there (no don’t start with me about Thelema)


Sharia Law is Not the law of the Land in the US


Security for gas stations? 



In ‘n Out Burger 2/20/12

First off yes, I have not been posting as often as I’d like but I did get my BFA application in so I have my fingers crossed. I do have some posts in the works, hopefully I’ll have time to get one or two up this week. In the meantime we have some catching up to do don’t we so let’s get cooking.

Item! The UK’s terrible plot to save children?

Item! “Something to think about. We should ever examine the “god” we worship. Is it the true God, or is it a distortion, a projection, a “demon,” indeed? The “God” we worship says a lot about us, about our own character. Can we at least get the character of God straight, or, would that mean we’d have to get our own character straight first?” – David Yeagley

Item! XKCD is, as always awesome.

Item! You don’t think that the government is out of control? They are raiding Amish farmers for selling milk, they are arresting kids for nothing and giving kidney transplants to illegals. 

Item!Ron Paul VP rumblings? Personally I think that this is just another attempt to get him to shut up. Do you know how much power the VP has? – None.

Item! Again with the food stamps. -

“Unfortunately, however long the pedigree of repetition such defenses of the food stamp program (now called SNAP, for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) have, they simply reiterate the same basic misunderstandings when it comes to food consumption, nutrition, agriculture, and its effects on income and job creation.

The food stamp defense uses the magnitude of food stamp benefits to dramatically overstate the increase in food consumption. The reason is that food stamps are equivalent to cash for almost all recipients, because virtually everyone would purchase more food than their food stamp allotments, even if they were given cash. So, for the vast majority, food stamps simply replace money that would have been spent on food anyway, freeing that money to spend however they choose.

Other than higher administrative costs, the result is the same as giving them money.

Even for the few families for which food stamps might raise food expenditures compared to cash, their nutrition effects are misrepresented. Studies find little difference between the nutritional adequacy of the diets of low- and high-income families, so that the problem is vastly overstated. Added food spending also often fails to improve nutrition, as less nutritious but more convenient pre-prepared food is substituted for healthier home-prepared food. Further, obesity is a more common problem among low-income families today than lack of food. Therefore, trying to force recipients to consume more food than they would otherwise by giving food aid instead of cash would, to the extent it was successful, do little to improve nutrition, but would worsen obesity problems. That doesn’t seem very “essential” to Americans’ well-being.” –

Item! Again we need to do a clean sweep of not just the government but who is  voting for the government.

Item! The hypocrisy of feminism. How much longer must we deal with this, when their idea of equality is nothing but Male discrimination?

Item! Is barter one of the few things that Humans universally share?

Item! Why do people not get the idea that gun laws only work on people who abide by the law?

Item! I never fail to be disturbed by the internet….

Item! This is the result of years of the media focusing on paedophiles and rapists. We now are willing to believe that any girl with her grandfather is in danger.

Item! I love British humour.

Item! Not only does this count as blasphemy in my book, I really don’t think it has done anything for these women.

Item! DBD gets it.

Item!Linux vs. Windows is like a buying a kit to build a car and buying a car off a lot.

Item! Like it or not video games are starting to become the way that we transmit our culture.

Item! This kid is, by definition, African-American.

Item! If not for Europeans America would not exist. Case in Point, a previously undocumented tribe has shown up in Peru, and they fired the first shot.

Item! Transhumanism is coming. I can already see the cracks forming between the haves and the have nots.

Item!Plus one for anti-illegal immigration.

Item! “Communism rots the body, but liberalism rots the soul.

Item! And we still do foreign aid?

Item! This guy thought that he could compete with the greatest minds of the world’s two superpowers, with African villagers.

Item! “For policy purposes, a more appropriate index of segregation than dissimilarity is an index that describes the “exposure” of African Americans to the majority white population. By this measure, segregation is today greater than it was in 1940, and has remained mostly unchanged since 1950.  As John Logan and Brian Stults of Brown University’s US2010 Project have shown, in 1940, the average black lived in a neighborhood that was 40 percent white. In 1950 it fell to 35 percent—where it remains today. This average, of course, aggregates data from many neighborhoods where blacks have virtually no exposure to whites, and others where integration is advanced. Nonetheless, by this measure there has been no progress in reducing segregation for the last 60 years.” – From this article.

Item!Can a Black man commit a “hate crime?”

Item! Where did this go?



William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) – The Wave (1896)


In ‘n Out Burger 2/6/12

School is back in session and I’m hard at work on my next series so expect to see some new pics up soon.

However with school out and my back log of blogs wiped out from last week I won’t be updating too frequently until this summer. However I will try to do something each week besides the In ‘n Out Burgers, speaking of, I think they are done…..


Item! Do you know who really founded the Susan G. Koman for the Cure?

Item! XKCD

Thanks to Randall Munroe for being awesomely funny.

Item! Robotics

Item! Smart People

Item! Ninja Fail

Item! Take a look back in time and check out how far we have come with computers.

Item! Revisionist history

Item! Are hookers a good thing? 

Item! Game at once scares me and interests me. This is one of the scary parts.

Item! Who is David Yeagley?

Item! I love it when people call things as they (usually) are.

Item! I’m really starting to like this Woman.

Item! I’m not sure if it is Feminism per say that has caused sex to be so materialistic in our society, like it is described here. However, I am sure that it has not helped one iota.

Item! Want one.


Item! Our leaders have no idea what they are doing. Food stamps are NOT an Economic stimulus

Item! You’re “hispandering” wrong.

In ‘n Out Burger 1/30/12

All right guys I’m back from a brief hiatus. School started up again and I wanted to get every thing in order, however that has not prevented me from grilling up some nice new and tasty Burgers for you. So please enjoy, and stay tuned this week, I’ve got some new stuff in the pipe waiting to be posted, beyond the normal musings, I’ll have a post about some bash scripts that I wrote for my Arch Box. Also in the more long term I hope to have some kind of video posted about how to do simple stuff like updating your box before you shut it down with bash scripting.

But for now its dinner time and its burger night.

Item! Does any one remember the “Swipe yo’ EBT” video? Well here is the darker side of that.

Item! Despite the rampant attempts to make Sex (Not Gender) a social construct it seems that, even in gays and lesbians, gender differences still hold.

Item! *snicker* Checks for hard core feminists – none found *snicker*

Item! Interesting strategy for Ron Paul to appeal to a broader base, IF he manages to get the GOP nod.

Item! Ending the birthright.

Item! In lighter fair, Nintendo catches up to the rest of the world.

Item! When M$ goes DRM nuts, bad things will happen.

Item!Feminism’s concept of Entitlement

Item! Words that should never be told to a politician, Quadrillion and Quintillion.

Item! Any group wanting to make a real impact on how things are done in this country might take some lessons from this group.

Item! Is Sustainable really sustainable?

Item! In a similar matter: The Impracticality of a Cheeseburger

Item! If you are not using KeePass then read this.

Item! Freedom, Mises style. -

“In a truly free society, people would be free, not from adverse judgments by others or from the consequences of their own actions, but from the initiation of force by others.[2] They would be free to use their own property as they see fit, so long as their actions do not violate the rights of others. In such a society, people would be free to engage in all manner of alternative lifestyles — from heavy drug use to polygamy, nudism, or communitarian living — but they would not be allowed to force others to contribute to their chosen lifestyle or shield them from the consequences of their actions. They would not be allowed to forcibly restrain others from criticizing their ideas, peacefully condemning their actions, or discriminating against them. And in return, they could not be forced to contribute to their own detractors, to fund their own suppression or demonization, or deal with those who dislike them. They would, in short, be free to do “their own thing” and bear the consequences themselves.” – Ben O’Neill

Item! A Female MRA?

In ‘n Out Burger 1/16/12

It’s Monday and time for Burgers!

Item! XKCD on Batman

Item! Interesting little bit on Left-Handedness here

Item! “We can suppose no other object to be placed before ourselves but happiness… We are then entitled to pursue happiness in that way in which it can be shown we are most likely to find it, and as each man can be the only judge of his own happiness, it follows that each man must be left free so to exercise his faculties and so to direct his energies as he may think fit to produce happiness; – with one most important limitation. His freedom in this pursuit of freedom must not interfere with the exactly corresponding freedom of others.”.

Item! Ron Paul will never be my “perfect” candidate. He has some things that I disagree with him about, just like Matt Parrott but like Parrott’s article here, I support him because he is the only candidate fighting the Neo-Con establishment, also he is the only candidate who “walks the walk”

Item! I think “Work It” will get the dubious honour of being the shortest lived show on network TV.

Item! One big reason to go Open Source with your software. It saves you thousands of dollars.

Item! NASA is talking about LENR. BUT

I did some digging into this NASA guy and he has a background in climate change research not nuclear physics. That worries me, plus *puts on tin foil hat* why is NASA just now talking about this when LENR or Cold Fusion has “been around” since ’89 and the DOE dismissed it as hogwash in ’89 too?

Item! There are no sex addicts.I have similar suspicions about Autism (It is booming because Autism was redefined)

Item! Microsoft’s Xbox Live is insecure? I never would have guessed, just don’t expect them to do this for everybody.

Item! A new type of “Human” has been discovered.

Item! Notch is awesome.

Item! Can I hear a duh? “Supreme Court Says Aliens don’t have Constitutional Rights.”

Item! And more reasons why were are screwed here

Item! Nine Principles of Economics

Item! And one last “duh” for they day.

In ‘n Out Burger 12/26/11

Hope all of you are having a great Yuletide, I have some new content coming up, including some art show reviews from the past year as well as some more of me being a Centre of Pestilence

In the mean time I’m coping out on the whole new and great content thing for more of my yummy burgers.

Item! Anyone else see a problem with this?

Item! How about this?

Item! Amazingly a feminist manages to make the case for women being diffrent than men, even lesbian women. “Female fashion is often as much about women’s communication with one another as it is about our communication with men. More so, in many ways. When women who clearly care about fashion and style pass each other on the street, there’s often a sort of silent conversation: a moment of acknowledgement, a nod of recognition.”

Men don’t have silent conversations with each other about what we wear. We put on clothes that are comfortable, and when we want to impress a women, nice clothes that are comfortable. End of story.

Item! VG Cats go “FUS RO DAH!!!!” 

Item! Instead of trying to make up some FUBAR time line for Zelda can we just say they are unrelated?

Item! DEA wants people who know Eubonics, good luck with that.

Item! Like SOPA for India.

Item! Interesting look at comic heroes from the Alt-Right

Item! “e-Verify catches over 200,000 illegal immigrants this year” and they still come? However maybe the real reason for them coming is this.

Item! “Let’s get real for one moment: Pistol Pete was right. What we saw on the court at the Xavier-Cincinnati game was the short-fuses of the children of the Black Undertow that white families all across the country consciously avoid, except when they are recruited to play for your alma mater. Same thing with football. That inability to control ones temper is why Black criminality is such a problem in the real-world, and why white athletes have a difficult time competing with Blacks… who knows when they might, (what’s the word?) … chimp-out?From SBPDL

Item! While I’m at it why not show “The 50 Most Corrupt Athletes of All-Time”

Item! Equality in action. Also present in the Police force.

Item! Dating advice from The Spearhead

Item! Debunking gender violence myths.

Item! When feminists fake history.

Item! “Marta Meana, a psych professor at UNLV, has concluded that female desire is at its root narcissistic; women are turned on by the idea of being desired

in my experience this sounds about right.

Item! Worlds worst surprise, no fingers.

Item! Mnemonics

Item! Further evidence for Human Bio Diversity here.


Item! Rule 35

Item!“Women are not funny” Christopher Hitchens – 2007

Nope, still not funny.

Item! This is a good reason to tell your kids about Krampus.

So that’s it for today. I can’t wait to get out of this non stop holiday season that defines November through the end of December.

In ‘n Out Burger 10/17/11

Well once again it’s time to fire up the Grill and see what we’ve got cooking.

Item! Call for Oliver Clothesoff from a Mr. Simpson.

Item! Now if only we could get this in all of the other states.

Item! Please sign this petition.

Item! Cain ensured that I will not take him seriously with this whole mess.

Item! I’m beginning to wonder if plastic surgery is going too far when I heard about this on a tv at the Student Union; over lunch.

Item! Andy Nowicki critiques Cobain work here, pointing out the flaws and what was worthwhile.

Item! Boyd Rice on ass-holes.

Item! Alternate Universe

Item! and finally, Do you want Total War?

Notes – I’m going to be experimenting with auto posting blogs here and on my livejournal so that I can get stuff out this week while I work on my current project, so if there are any issues I apologise in advance. Speaking of the project, it looks like it will consist of five works that look at the decline of Masculinity through the ages. So boys and girls keep your eyes peeled for some new pics coming up in the next few months.

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